God in Life and Literature

So me and my friend were watching this TV show called, The Legend of the Seeker, and we were amazed by how many things were references to the bible and allusions to Christ. Last week while reading John Donne we seperated his poetry into religious and secular, and I was amazed that even his secular poetry had religious vocabulary and some references to the church. It seems that God is in everything we are reading even when the authors don’t mean it. Then we started reading Paradise Lost and that work is full of religious imagery and allusions. Taking a story from Genesis about the fall of man and expanding on it to make Satan a central character and give him emotions and a purpose is never something I thought I would want to read, but so far I am being pleasantly suprised by how interesting it is. When we were talking in class about the characters and how Paradise Lost is similar to the Epic’s of Homer there was one thing that was missing. A hero, all epic are about a hero’s journey, usually through discovery. I’ve been thinking about it is and I think that the central character is obviously Satan, but he’s more of an anti-hero, than an Odysseus. He motives are bad and he continues to make choices to hurt rather than help, and unlike a classic hero he isn’t on a path of self discovery or a journey somewhere he is just trying to destroy.

I am cautiously optimistic about reading the rest of the story!



Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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