John Donne vs. Zack Morris

So recently I’ve been kicking it old school and watching a lot of Saved by the Bell because my Tivo thought I might like it, and I do! I will get to why this is important in a minute. We were talking about John Donne today, specifically “The Flea”. It is basically a poem of a guy trying to convince this girl to have sex with him. He uses a flea as a metaphor for sex, which to us today is really really gross. So gross, that I would have smacked a guy who tried to seduce me using a flea as a metaphor. All I could think of was that this guy was trying really hard, and that it takes a lot of gumption for a guy to think this would be a good idea. What strikes me the most is that he is rejected and he keeps trying, he doesn’t let the metaphorical slap in the face stop him from trying to convince this girl that sex with him is a great idea.

 Now to my real point. In these last couple months I have been watching on average, four Saved By the Bell episodes a day, and one thing I have come to realize is that Zack Morris has no shame. No line is to low, no scheme is too hard tp pull off, and no punishment will deter him from getting his girl. Sometimes I will be watching and I think about how I would react to a guy saying that stuff to me, and sometimes it doesn’t end well for Zack.

I think that John Donne and Zack Morris have a lot in common. They are both committed to following through with their attempts to convince a girl to either go out with them, Zack, or to have sex with them, Donne. While sometimes I think that Donne uses strange metaphors to get his points across, there is no denying that he is original and the father of metaphysical poetry.

Til’ next time!


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