Life with Shrews

Me and Bill Shakespeare don’t really see eye to eye when it comes to literature. I appreciate his contributions to the world and I think for the quantity of his work it is incredible quality. I also think that the themes of his plays are not anything new, love, honor, princes and kings have been talked about forever. I think it is important that we read Shakespeare’s work especially considering what an impact he had on the culture at the time. However, Taming of the Shrew is not my favorite work.

We talked about attraction and whether or not Petruccio and Kate were attracted to each other. I think she was very intrigued by the idea of someone wanting her considering her reputation and attitude. I think he was in it for the money, and if he was attracted to her he definitely didn’t show it in his actions. We watched some different productions of the play and it occurred to me that we miss a lot of the play when we read it as opposed to when the people saw it in the Globe Theatre.

I was planning to write this about the play’s attitude towards women, but that was the way it was. I can’t change it, but I am so glad that it is different today for women. I hate the idea that women were thought of a property, but tons of articles and papers have been written on that and I feel it’s kinda tired. One thing I did want to say was about the bridles, I always thought that was a reference to a horse’s bridle. I still find it hard to believe anyone would do that to another person for basically embarrassing them.

Overall, Bill and me don’t get along well, mostly because of our different world views, but I appreciate his abilities and I am ready to move on to better and newer things!


Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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