How Do I Love Thee…

So we haven’t really done Shakespearean sonnets yet, but that is one of the most famous sonnets in the world. We started talking about sonnets this week, and it occurred to me that no one really writes sonnets anymore. If they do I haven’t heard anything about them. I think this is sad because when you think about it the ideas present in most sonnets are still very relevant to life today. The sonnet is a dying art form and I think we should start trying to bring it back.

I realized today that a sonnet about a love that is mutual and happy is rare, but we still consider a sonnet very romantic. Spenser was one of the only people to write a sonnet about a happy love instead of a painful heartbreaking love. I think this is because as much as we love hearing about love stories where everything works out happily ever after we love hearing about the ones that crash and burn even more.

We started talking about how we could relate sonnets to our lives now and the culture we live and love in. We read a sonnet by Lady Mary Wroth about how to truly love you have to give up your freedom. I think this is true today. I’m going to use girls as my example because thats what I know but I am sure there are some guys who do this too. I have known many girls who have started dating someone and become a totally different person. People who stop hanging out with their friends to be with their boyfriend, and have continuously cancelled plans to be with their boyfriend. I stand by what I said this morning that our society embraces this idea that you should throw yourself into a relationship. I would like to back this statement up with something I hear all the time…”but I love him.” It is a excuse universally accepted and no one challenges it. Goes to show you just how much we are like our medieval counterparts. Let’s do what we can to bring back the SONNET!!

Laters! 🙂


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