Chaucer Changes the World!

After finishing ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”, I find that I’m still kinda ambiguous about the whole thing. I could very well discuss why I liked certain parts and why other parts drove me crazy. I can’t believe that they just let him live after he raped some girl. I thought Knight’s had honor, and obviously he lost his way. I thought at first this might be a story about a guy who finds his way back to honor, but he never had it to begin with. I mostly want to call him a loser and a jerk. I know this isn’t very literary but I can’t help but think what could an all powerful fairy see in him?

I totally understand the appeal of having someone who you control, but that is not even remotely love. In the end I just feel let down. Kinda like nothing gets resolved. Instead of killing him he gets sent on a quest to find out what women really want, and that is impossible. I would have liked this story better if he had gone insane trying to find out what women want. Let’s face it we have no idea, and it changes from day to day and hour to hour. Somehow he finds an answer and the Queen accepts it. Then he marries an old ugly woman who turns out to be a fairy who is beautiful and apparently loves him.

Maybe the answer to why she choose him isn’t because he was noble or honorable, but because, for whatever reason she loved him. Which is crazy in itself. As you can probably tell I didn’t exactly enjoy this story. I kinda wish the fairy had banished him to some dismal place for his crimes!



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