The Tales of Chivalrous Men

When we first started reading ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ I was not very impressed. It seemed to be a story about a guy who felt he had to stand up for his King because some fool offered him a chance to kill someone. It seemed like a foolhardy decision. I do have to admit as the story went on I began to like it more and more. What started out as an admittedly hare-brained idea turned into a tale full of twists and turns.

In the beginning I thought Gawain’s quest was an attempt to win his King’s love, later it became a story about his honor. I love stories where the protagonist loses his way and then redeems himself. In this case his morals and confused when the lord’s wife seduces him. Only after he accepts her gift and betrays the lord’s rules does he lose his way. In the end the Lord becoming the Green Knight was a fun twist that I did not see coming! Finding out that Morgan Le Fey was the one to orchestrate the whole made the story come full circle and have more meaning than just a knight trying to win a a beheading game.

I did not like the end where Gawain blames all the women for his troubles and doesn’t accept responsibility. It makes him seem fickle, and like he learned nothing from his journey’s. It seems this game left him worse off than it found him, which makes for an interesting story in itself, you rarely see a story about a good man losing his way and not finding his way back to being a good man again.

See you next time, Lindsey


One thought on “The Tales of Chivalrous Men

  1. This is another valid way to approach to the blog assignment. Instead of linking the story to today’s popular culture, you write here about the experience of reading SGGK and how your opinions changed as the story unfolded. It’s still straight to the point without any fluff, and you use specific examples to explain why you felt the way you did at the time. Feel free to keep experimenting with different tactics. Your first two entries are both good.

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