The Great Marie de France

Before this week I had never heard of Marie de France, now that I know who she is I have greatly enjoyed all the stories I got to read. The story or ‘Lanval’ was a story about a man in love with a faerie. I thought it was a good story to be told around the table at dinner. It occurred to me while reading these stories that the way people in Angelo-Norman times told stories and the way we tell them are very similar and very different at the same time. They told there stories orally, either in the taverns or in their homes. They created stories in couplets that rhymed to make it easier to recite and follow. Today we are more likely to hear stories on TV or in the movies, where it is very easy for us to follow along because we see it acted out. Now we have shows like ‘Glee’ where characters use songs to further their plots which is a lot like the rhyming couplets in ‘Bisclavret’. In the Middle Ages they told stories of supernatural things to explain some things that they didn’t understand, but we have turned scary stories into dreams and hopes for teenage girls. Just like Ms. Merritt pointed out today: We sexed up werewolves. In ‘Bisclarvet’ this werewolf was not cuddly animal to keep you warm at night, he was a vicious creature that would kill you as soon as look at you. I think stories like this would help many young girls wishing to meet their own werewolf! Until next time, Lindsey


One thought on “The Great Marie de France

  1. Good! I like that you engage the history of storytelling here and link it to the way we watch movies or tv shows. I especially like the connection you make between the couplets in these lais and the songs used in musicals. Also, you skip right over plot summaries, which is great.

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