Understanding Our World

We use newspaper and other news media to gain knowledge of what is happening in our world. We strive to understand the politics and people in our communities locally, nationally and globally. This is a lot of power for an one news source to hold. That is why the Society of Professional Journalism has protocols in place to police the journalists that are in such a position of power. As journalists we must hold ourselves to the highest standards to make sure that our words do not harm anyone, but protect the people of our communities. We must protect sources that wish to remain anonymous, and only publish stories of which we have all the facts. It is a cliche to say, but it is true: with great power comes great responsibility, but it is true. Journalists have the job of informing the masses about important events coming up in their lives, to that end, we must be able to trust our news organizations to report fairly and justly. In the end, journalistic principles must be at the forefront of our minds as we embark in this the start of our careers.


Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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