The Age of Technology

I still find it amazing how much technology has come in just thirty years! I attended the Faculty Panel last month and was astounded to see one of the first newspapers online, presented by Dr. Greer, who is a Journalism teacher at The University of Alabama. I can’t imagine anyone every using that to get their news, and now that is how the majority of people get news. Everything is about our technology today. Another speaker, Chip Brantley, started a website called, to help ou decide what kind of food you are in the mood for. There is literally a website for eveything, if I need to know something I google it, no need for dictionaries or encyclopedias, we have wikipedia. Dr. Daniels also showed us some clips of him for his younger days, and told us about the importance of interning at a place that will help us learn and expand our writing abilities, or whatever we choose to do. While I marvel at how far technology has come I sometimes wonder what impact this will have on the generations after me. Will books become obsolete? Will everything be online? We we no longer interact face-to-face without a computer to hide behind? These are all relevant things that I will continue to ponder with the hopes that this Age of Technology will move us forward, and not send us back.


Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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