Journalists Today…

I find myself being thrown into discussions on a weekly basis discussions that revolve around the topic of journalistic ethics and protocol. Whether it’s a breach of conduct at a press conference or publishing a story without all the information; journalists must use the power of the press wisely.

My last blog post was about the ethics of covering a National Championship team, and this one will be on the ethical questions a journalist must ask himself or herself everyday. In JN 101 we talked about the rights we have to publish our opinion and the news everyday, and the responsibilities that come with that power.

The media is it’s own entity it holds the power to sway opinions and deliver breaking news. Whether you are talking about newspapers started in Rome or the ability to blog online today, the written word has always had power. Journalists in every capacity have the responsibility the make sure the information they put out for the world to see is unbiased, from a legitimate source, and something the public should know. Our country is founded on the ideals that we have basic freedoms. We should always think about the reader before deciding to publish a story. If it is not in the best interest of the people, whom the paper is meant to inform, than it should be held until it is important for the readers to know.


Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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