Ethics of Covering A National Championship Team

I went to the SPJ event with the panel of writers who primarily cover Alabama Football. They talked about the scandal with the reporter from Arkansas wearing Florida hat at the press conference for Arkansas. They covered the procedure while in the press box and how best to present yourself either while interviewing someone or reporting on an event at a game or press conference. The panel covered some of their favorite scandals that either they broke or that they remember breaking. While my knowledge of past Alabama football coaches is lacking I could keep up with most of the scandals they talked about. I found the way Coach Saban interacts with the press interesting. He seems to understand their purpose and that they are needed but he wishes that he could be left alone in peace. I got to ask the last question asking, “What do you do when you need a quote and you can’t get one?” They said you make so with what you can and that you must make sure you put in your story that the rumors or the story is still not confirmed. Overall, I found this event highly enjoyable, even though it was about football, to be informative and entertaining.


Thoughts, Questions, Rebuttals?!?!

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